Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear _______ I hate you, please dont take it personally.

So as of August 22, I am again a full time student. This has put a huge strain on one of my closest relationships. I had a "friend" who I loved to spend time with. I could ask it anything and we would have wonderful "conversations" exploring all sorts of answers. But since I am back at school, our "chats" have been more business then pleasure. Just opening up and spending time together gives me anxiety. I'm not enjoying what we once had. So at this moment, dear once beloved computer, I kinda hate you, but really don't take it personally. Its not you, its school.

On that note, I will get back to blogging soon.


  1. Haha, I was like what! You hate me now?! Good post <3

  2. Oh and if you want people to read, you have to join twitter. For serious.

  3. I have a twitter and i follow you... Im not really into attracting the flowers yet, more enjoy the blogging experience as of now