Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And so it begins... again....

SO Here I go again. Yes again. I had a blog kinda under my yahoo email (by kinda means I had it and I sucked at keeping up with it). I got the Google+ thingy which quite confused me and I some how ended up having two accounts because I had a Yahoo account and a Google account. How? I do not know. In order to simplify this whole confusing mess I some how got myself into, I deleted my yahoo google account which deleted my blog. And now to think of it, I think it also deleted my YouTube. Fudge nuckins.  I hope this is as confusing to everyone else as it was to me. Anywho.... New blog, minus depressing 30 day challenge that made me too emotional. Maybe I will do one later. maybe....

Update/Background depending who is reading this, I'm going back to school next month! Wahoo! not really. I am transferring to a new jc because the previous online one I was going to was not working out. I hated it, I couldn't follow concepts because grades were based on other students responses and it was not always monitored properly. Point being on line school was not for me. Now I have to transfer and take assessment tests and cry a lot if I don't get the classes I need. If I do get what I need, I should be done with my AS by next Winter WITH my Child development certificate. fingers crossed everyone fingers crossed.

In other news, my bffeee (best friend forever ever ever, don't ask its late) FINALLY started a blog. Which is awesome! I get updated on her bun in her oven and her randomness. So glad she started one because I love reading what she writes. I miss her terribly because she is now living in VA and I'm still her in CA. Darn u Brookelyn. I can wait to see her and my nephew (though I want to see her more!! Sorry EJ)

On top of keeping up with my as well as my friends blogs, I have so many things I want to focus on now. I need to get my finances in order and maybe a part time job. I also want to keep up with my scraping, couponing, and my newest venture, landscaping round Grams house, heaven help me on that one. New blog hopefully will help me with the new direction I want my life to go... So ready set... oh look shiny!


  1. hahah I love you! I miss you terribly and EJ wont know the difference for a couple years. lol. YAY for blogs!

  2. I can totally help you with the landscaping. :)

  3. Nila Id love it and Id be so thankful. I wanna do a veggie garden, and u now know grams and u know Boris so youd be more than welcome to come over when ever and grab what ever u want.