Tuesday, July 26, 2011

They know me and they love me anyway

Day three challenge kinda cracked me up

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends
Note I hate taking pictures so I refuse to ever take a serious one.
 My mischievous foolagans. Left Cynthia, Oh man oh man, She kissed my boyfriend in 6th grade. And I still love her. To the right is Miss. Amerika. Shes the friend who calls at 2 in the afternoon to ask me to go take a 4 hour car ride to Vegas for a couple of hours because she's bored. And for some reason I always say yes.

 Brooke! This is us at her bridal shower which I must say was the best one ever! (Thank you hill!) Brooke is my sister from another mother and father, yet for some reason she was my dads fav daughter... I miss her horribly :( hopefully well see each other soon! After she is done being prego because shes cranky.
 Lisa and I have had quite a few memories together, generally me putting her in an awkward position. Shes very white so it is really easy to make her blush.
This is one of the only pics I have of Kristen and me. I love this one because shes doing the angry cupcake. I also love that us three girls are making odd faces and my dad looks like hes stuck in some really bad situation. Kristen is a moose and no one couldn't love a moose. Kristen is also who introduced me to my usually wonderful boyfriend whom I love to death. I think I owe her big time.

I cant find pics of me and some of my other amazingly awesome friends. So I hope no one gets mad. I do have some of the worlds most amazing friends. They are always there for me through everything I have been through. They always make me laugh. Humor and my friends are the best medicine for everything.

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  1. *rants about her picture not being up there* I kid I kid.